Pamela Vanmeer
is an award winning journalist. She recently took home the prestigious National RTDNA Award for her series of stories on the abuse of seniors living in Ontario’s Long Term Care facilities. The Story went all over the world. She is also the winner of a Regional RTDNA award.

Pamela spent five years as a Reporter/Anchor with the CBC Affiliate, CHEX TV in Peterborough. During that time she honed her skills as an astute reporter who asks tough questions and digs below the surface. She also helped launch a new, one hour, live, interactive daily show on CHEX. Spending more than a year at CHCH News in Hamilton, Pamela covered Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Juno Awards and the Ontario Political Party Leaders Debates.

As an investigative reporter, she was the first to confirm the existence of the only chapter of the ruthless Vagos biker gang in Canada, capturing an exclusive video of gang members flying their colours in Peterborough, Ontario. She was given an unprecedented inside-look at their “clubhouse” as well as an interview with a member.

She also covered a rare brain surgery for Epilepsy from inside the operating room, while doctor removed eight centimeters of a woman’s brain. The successful surgery has left the patient seizure-free for almost two years.

Pamela studied Journalism at Seneca @York University. With six years experience in the business, she launched The Vanmeer Free Press in January 2015.