Disabled residents left with little heat since Friday’s power outage

There are at least 39 units at 443 Reid Street in Peterborough that are occupied by people with physical disabilities. The heating and hot water system in the building had not been working properly since Friday according to Kawartha Participation Projects. It came back on this afternoon.

Kawartha Participation Projects (KPP) does not own the building but told the VFP there are 39 units in the building that house their clients and they have been left out in the cold. KPP provides self-directed support, complex care, and affordable housing for people with diverse needs to live independently in their homes and achieve their goals according to their website.

KPP’s Carol Gordon says ” Our main concern is that people are warm and taken care of. We bought 20 space heaters on Sunday and 10 more this morning. ”

But with temperatures dipping way below zero over the weekend that meant residents were left with little to no heat for almost two days.

“Our staff having been in close contact with everyone to make sure they are ok” Gordon said.

The building is managed by TVM Group. President, Amit Sofer told the VFP  it is his understanding the heating system was partially working over the weekend and the temperature in most of the building has been at about 17 degrees.”We have done everything within our power to restore the heat as soon as possible. We regret any inconvenience this may have caused.”

Some residents we talked to at 443 Reid Street said the furnace was not working at all.

Sofer says the power outage in Peterborough on Friday and the surge that followed damaged the boilers in the building. “The boilers have been working but not at full capacity.” he says. “The power outage on Friday tripped the three phase to a single phase, it caused us a lot of grief” He says the heating technician was replacing part after part on the boilers and then moved on to the electrical system.

There are conflicting reports about the hot water as well. Gordon told the VFP there was no hot water and residents on social media also complained of not having any hot water but Sofer says that wasn’t the case. He says there was some hot water in the building.

The building is an Affordable Housing Project. Rents are maintained at discounted levels, and all tenants must meet a maximum income threshold as set for the City of Peterborough. The phone lines at Social Services were down today as well due to the power surge. As of our deadline we were waiting to hear back from them.

As of approximately 2:30 pm Monday, about an hour after our original inquiries, the heating was restored.