Kawartha Dairy tops list as best ice cream in Canada!

Photo:Facebook KDiceCream

Buzzfeed has named 23 places to get the most mind blowing ice cream in Canada and Bobcaygeon’s Kawartha Dairy is number one!

They asked Canadians where to get the most “unique, creamy, and downright dreamy ice cream across our great land.” Without further ado, here’s what they said:

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  1. Jan jordan said:

    It sure is the greatest. I found a place here in Orangeville that sakes this ice cream. No more DQ for me. Theirs is garbage ice cream that’s over priced

  2. Heather Provost said:

    Oh yah…Moose Tracks…and the new Sweet Heat!

  3. sabina espie said:

    We go to Aunt Bee’s General store in Seagrave,, service is great and the ice cream is delicious . small town service at small town prices… love it.

  4. jackie lePage said:

    you forgot to mention The Lucky Dollar convenience store in West Hill Ontario and I just found the homoginized milk in ValUVillage in the Guild

  5. Jennifer T said:

    Locally found here too! Either Cool Cow in Beaverton or the new Kawartha Dairy store open in Orillia….deliciously delighted!!

  6. Nancy said:

    It is great but would be better if they had some nut free for those of us with nut allergies!

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