Kawartha Lakes Police conducting an audit on reinforced gloves used by officers after deadly incident in Ottawa

The City of Kawartha Lakes Police Service says they do not issue the type of gloves used by an Ottawa Police officer who is facing charges in the death of a city resident. However,  Sergeant Tom Hickey says Chief John Hagarty wants to be sure none of his officers are using them. “The Chief asked Inspector Mark Mitchell to conduct an audit of all personnel to make sure they haven’t crept in”

The City of Kawartha Lakes Police Service says they do not use reinforced gloves. “What we do issue is a “Hatch” brand kevlar lined gloves to protect against shares so if an officer is conducting a search of a person or a building it will protect well against a knife or sharp object.” says Hickey. The gloves are strictly protective he says, there’s no extra weight in them. Peterborough Police say they also use these types of gloves. The Emergency Response team in Peterborough uses a different reinforced glove but they say not the ones in question.

Concerns about the use of reinforced gloves came to light after the Special Investigations Unit charged an Ottawa Police officer in the death of Abdirahman Abdi. in July 2016. Const. Daniel Montsion was charged with manslaughter, aggravated assault, and assault with a weapon. The weapon-reinforced gloves according to CBC.

These are the gloves allegedly worn by Montsion:

The gloves worn by Montsion allegedly have carbon-fibre plating in the knuckles and fingers. Some have likened them to brass knuckles. Hickey says those types of gloves are off limits for his officers. “We don’t issue them and we don’t condone the use of them” he’s says. “We want to make sure everyone is in compliance with our policy.”

These are the gloves used by Kawartha Lakes Police:

Hatch Kevlar Lined Glove

The problem is the type of gloves worn by Montsion are available from most police supply companies and can be ordered by any officer, usually without approval from the service.

The audit is expected to take two weeks. “I’d be very surprised if anybody is using them” Hickey says.