Peterborough couple wins $1 million

A Peterborough couple won $1 million in the daily Encore draw on March 6th!

Mary Richardson and Tim Noble plan to take a vacation in Mexico and to travel across Canada and the United States after winning a million dollars. They picked up their winnings on Tuesday at the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Prize Centre in Toronto.

The couple says Mary usually checks the tickets but not this time.

“This time, Tim did it,” Mary said. “I was speaking with someone at the store when all of a sudden Tim pulled me over to the ticket checker and pointed at the screen. Tim was shocked that we won $1 million and I thought, ‘This can’t be ours. It must be an ad on the screen.’”

“It was definitely surreal. Everyone who plays the lottery dreams about winning and we actually did,” Tim said.

“When we received confirmation of the amount we won, I burst into tears. I always said I won the lottery when I met Tim. Then I won again when I met his sons. Now I actually won the lottery.” Mary said.

After they are don travelling the couple plans to invest most of the money for retirement. “Who knows what else? The possibilities are endless. We were thinking about retirement but it wasn’t really possible before. Now we can take it easy and relax because it’s all covered. We will both continue to work but also enjoy our lives much more now,” they said.

The winning ticket was purchased at Jackson Park Convenience on Parkhill Road in Peterborough.